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Water - our precious resource

Water is one of the most important elements for our mankind. To guarantee it's supply far into the future, we have to minimize the contamination and the leakage, starting today. We can reach this goal through continious monitoring of the piping network. With the LeakControl System, costly leakages and a time consuming search after broken pipes, will be a thing of the past.

The LeakControl System

By monitoring the through-flow at hydraulically relevant points within the network, a leakage can be detected and is then allocated to a so-called “virtual zone”. This drastically reduces the area of a potential leakage in the network and consequently also reduces the efforts to locate it.

The LeakControl Webseite

The Data can be easily accessed via the Website Application thorugh the Internet Browser. This application supports many visual - and managing options for your Data, as well as an easy and understandable way to parameterize your Sensors.

LeakControl Mobile Support

Broad support for all mobile devices. Smartphone or Tablet, the website adapts to it's environment. The main focus is here especially on improved usability and fluid navigation.

Leaks occur not only by extreme cold or external damages. Age and meterial related factors have also an influence on the leakproofness of a water pipeline and the quality of water. The damage can not be seen with the naked eye but can be detected by the LeakControl system. This innovative system monitors the water flow and reports problems when crossing a pipeline-specific flow limit. The small deviations are detected even by a few liters and visually displayed in the form of a diagram.

The system itself consists of two separate system components - the remote measurement station, as well as the base station for storage and graphic processing of the measurement data.

These modern measuring sensors - tailored to the specific network structure - are installed at various points of the distribution network. They register the flow in the water network and sent the measured data via GSM to a server. There, the information is analyzed. If deviations are found within the measured average values, the user is informed by a warning message. By using the data of all measuring stations in a coverage zone, damages and leakages can be pipointed accurately and a repair can be initiated immediately.

For the installation, only minimal public works are needed, due to the manhole system in Baden-Württemberg. The sensors are easy to install into existing manholes, without drilling and regardless of the pipe material. The DIN system supports a special installation lock, thus the civil engineering costs can be kept to a minimum here.

Broad support for all mobile devices. Smartphone or Tablet, the website adapts to it's environment. The main focus is here especially on improved usability and fluid navigation.

Benefits at a glance

Software based positioning and leak locating

Monitoring on all pipe materials and dimensions

Installation without interrupting the supply

Powerful ultrasonic monitoring technology

Monitoring of your piping network

Many parameterization options

Our Services

Piping Network Analyzation

Development of concepts for water loss reduction
Professional planning
Optimal coverage of the piping network
Competent support


Installation of the Ultrasonic Sensors
Mounting of the sensors
No interruption of the supply flow
For all pipe materials


LeakControl Webseite
Easy to use on all devices
Lots of display options for your data
Recording, diagnosis and evaluation of the entire water supply network